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Fethi Yılmaz Sezer
Head of Sezer Group Board of Directors

He was born in Afyon Emirdag in 26.01.1938. He was graduated from Faculty of Law of Ankara University. After graduation from Faculty of Law, he served as a lawyer for 10 years. Besides lawyer profession, he was engaged in many different fields from purchase-sell of dry goods, real estates in Eskisehir to construction and autobus management. At the same years, he was president of Eskisehir Sports Club with the social responsibility of himself. During this period, Eskisehir Sports Club stayed on the first league.

In 1978-1980, he started Tourism investment by purchasing Gamgam hotel in Eskisehir and he continued by purchasing Housez Suits in Istanbul. In 1985-1986, realizing that Turkey was shifted to different perspectives of tourism; he started hotel investments in Antalya –Manavgat region. In 1986, Hotel Grand Side, in 1997 Club Grand Side, in 2004 Club Grand Aqua was founded.


Sezer Turizm Eğitim Sağlık Gıda San ve Tic .AŞ was founded in 1980. It started tourism sector with big otel in Eskisehir in 1980. It has increased its tourism investments with Housez Suits in Istanbul in 1986 and Hotel Grand Side in 1986. In 1997 Club Grand Side and in 2004 Club Grand Aqua were opened for service and the group had a significant share in Tourism sector.

Problems coming together with the growing tourism sector directed the group to social and environmentalist investments. In 1993, in order to provide healthy and quality products to its customers accommodating in their hotels, Rani Farm, in 2003, in order to provide quality in tourism, Fethi Yılmaz Sezer Tourism Occupational High School and dormitory; in 2010, in order to produce power energy from natural, organic wastes, Biogas power plant was founded within “Sezer Group Social Responsibility” projects.


Fethi Yılmaz Sezer
Melek Zuhal Sezer
Rengin Sezer
Yeşim Sezer Ataş
Ömer Sezer


Our objective is remembering development is interrelated with protecting natural resources, with the consciousness of protecting environment, we want to provide quality service to our customers and create a sustainable Tourism by giving importance to human resources and education and be a role model for the next generations.

Our principles are contributing to economic and social development of society without leaving business ethics and honesty, making human and nature respectful investments.



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